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This site is safe and secure for credit cards.  If you prefer, you may mail payment to: Marilyn McVoy, 245 W. Sycamore Lane, Louisville, CO 80027-2235.  Also, you may call me at 303-661-0200.   Orders are shipped all over the world!



Return policy: 30 day money back guarantee on everything, always.

I have been selling stickers and sticker albums for 32 years.  Also, I once owned a sticker factory in Mason City, Iowa, BJ Decal Specialties.  So, for me, stickers are a major life interest.  When selecting new stickers for this website, I don't buy bulk assortments like stores do - I carefully study the inventories and select only the very best stickers.  Some of the stickers on this website are from my own factory, and those designs are exclusive, and not available in stores.  Please enjoy looking at the stickers!  Thank you, Marilyn